“JOY is the completion of a human being’s exploration during an incarnation period. We highly recommend that you, dear ones, allow access in your fields, since only you can open the door to this new realm of healing for your soul to attain that completion.

We are eager to show you how to access these realms without difficulty or confusion. We have put in place a system of downloads that you may access through this website. We want to help you achieve your missions and enjoy the process while tapping into these new sensations in your bodies.

Your journey will be totally protected at every step through Love a Crystal and the frequency of Altus-Reciproximity™ that Sandra is able to download in crystals or through healings and channeling sessions. This website gives us (Council of AR) a voice that will help you to recognize your own essence, your own powerful self. It will be a process of integration and of loving, compassionate re-alignment of your displaced molecules into perfect alignment. We see you as malleable souls. Because of your access to free will, you may have taken a wrong path at some point and your body may be feeling fatigued and disoriented. We are here to offer you a reset of your natural frequencies so that you can bring yourself into alignment again. This presents many benefits for all the parts that constitute your being.

In the process of reading, or hearing, or allowing touch and proximity with Love a Crystal frequency activated crystals, your cells will begin to align back into perfect order, the way they are meant to function.

Your acceptance can start this process.

We hope you will accept us and find JOY in this process. We have put much care into birthing this opening for humanity and will continue to expand access to these offered frequencies in the coming months through our chosen vessel, Sandra Müller.

May the frequency of JOY reach your hearts!”

Channeling with the Council of AR 

“Reveal all possible JOY
in my auric field!”