My name is Sandra Müller.

My most beautiful life adventure began when my physical body lost much power and diseases entered my body.

My first encounter with death (NDE) was in 2010, minutes before I underwent surgery due to a pulmonary embolism (DVT).

I was miraculously brought back to life, and I can recall having made a sincere promise during the NDE, to help others in exchange for more time.

This heartfelt commitment empowered my life and gave me the opportunity to embody my life’s mission as a LIGHT-WORKER.

My work as a healing force for others began soon after that.

I recovered and dedicated my time and energies to the study of healing modalities.

Because I was dyslexic, it was difficult for me to retain information in a linear way, but my essence was learning by feeling, and my sensory capacities were amplified.
I began to develop telepathic capabilities as of that time.

My physical body became ill again in 2016 due to Cancer.

I wondered why, since I was living a very healthy lifestyle, eating organic foods, and hiking the Santa Monica mountains. Meditation was also part of my life since 1981.

During those years, I would often ask myself why I had allowed invasive Cancer cells to enter my body? Was there a lesson, and a reason I had to understand?

During oncology treatments, I started to envision that negative obstacles can always be transformed into life-altering possibilities.

I rejoiced in my Soul’s constant learning, so fear of death was not my main focus. My transcendental opening was happening very quickly.

My connection to the Mineral world, which had been established many years earlier as a trained gemologist, and jewelry designer was also very active.

During my advanced studies of Shamanism, I developed a strong connection to the Spirit world where one is able to access help offered by highly evolved, loving, and compassionate Helping Spirits.

I soon discovered that in altered states of consciousness, I could easily connect with crystals and receive imprints of their individual stories and healing mastery. I actively exercised this new potential.

It now made sense to me that at 15 years of age, I had yearned to study gemology, and my love for the Mineral World has been evident. During the last 40 years, I have collected beautiful minerals, with great love and passion.

With these new experiences, I started to perceive my true essence and life purpose and felt at ease when my first live channeling experience occurred in 2019.

My sensory field is totally comfortable during channeling; it is as if I have always done this.

On a specific day, I received information on how to become a “hollow bone” that could then download, and transfer a frequency of JOY onto a Quartz.

My Helping Spirits, THE COUNCIL OF AR, defined this frequency as AR (Altus-Reciproximity™).

After a few tests, I was now comfortable with allowing this altruistic frequency to enter my physical body and exit through my hands on a chosen crystal.

This activation of AR frequency animates these Quartzes to transmit more JOY, more happiness, and wellbeing to the person’s Aura-Body-Soul-Spirit.

AR, (Altus-Reciproximity™)  is the connecting thread to a more genuine perception of a Soul’s true state of creation, in infinite love and sublime resonance.

Lifeforce having been restored by AR(Altus-Reciproximity™) frequency, the Soul existing inside a vessel, is more aligned with eternal love, thereby downloading more wellbeing in their physical vessels, closer to the Universal perfect alignment.

With abundant gratitude!

Degrees & Trainings

Graduate Gemologist G.G.
Graduate jewelry design & technology
GIA Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica USA, 1981

Formation en radiesthésie, clairevoyance, écriture automatique et soins énergétiques.
(Training in dowsing, clairvoyance, automatic writing and energy healing.)
Institut Métamorphose, Cavalaire sur Mer, France, 2017

Crystal Healing Certification, Beginning & Intermediate
Crystal Academy of Advance Healing Arts, New York, 2017-2018

Basic Workshop-The Way of the Shaman, Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, Shamanism Dying and Beyond, Power Soul Retrieval Training, Shamanism in Practice, Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice, Shamanic Divination Training, Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature, Shamanism for Inspired Local & Global Change, Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive, Shamanic Healing, Knowledge & Power online Series trainings, Shamanism, Spirits, and Healing.
Foundation for Shamanic Studies FSS, California, USA 2017 on going.

Reindeer Herder Shamanism, Continuing Exploration of the Shamanic Knowledge of Peoples of the North.
Shaman Tracks- Dana & Shana Robinson, Easton, USA, 2021


“Reveal all possible JOY
in my auric field!”