“The connection to all things matter, in time and space.”


Love a Crystal charged crystals with the Altus Reciproximity™ (AR) or JOY frequency enhance the multidimensional connections of your soul to your spirit’s extraordinary potential. Your expansions and qualities will be activated with simple touch and focused love given to these crystals.

The energy of this universe, transmitted into life-force for a human soul during their time in a body. It creates a fusion of consciousness into the completed aura-body-soul. It therefore helps the person connect to their mission and potential. JOY is just the consequence of this beautiful activation. The connection to the possibilities of your true essence. The connection to the essence of life itself.”
Channeling with the Council of AR

What is the purpose of having a crystal that has been activated in this way?

“The JOY factor is the play of life! The harmony reached by total detachment of outcomes. The stories, the dramas, the betrayals, the disappointments no longer have meaning when the frequency of JOY takes first row in the auric field.
These crystals are connecting you to the possibilities of your true essence. We sever old confusion and bring new and fresh cohesive contribution to your planet and to all who want this JOY frequency in your hearts. It is a matter of clearing the electrical fields that contaminate your brain in order to allow your natural right, to exist in JOY!”
Channeling with the Council of AR

This AR symbol has a distinctive meaning and energy frequency, conducive for helping and healing its user.
The center dot represents the human being. The lines that disperse from the center into all directions represent the energy and potential of the human being, expanded into all directions of time and space. The outer 6 lines represent the perfect hexagonal symmetry or axes of quartz. The 2 triangular shapes that create a star are here to remind us that we are all star seeds.

“Reveal all possible JOY
in my auric field!”