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The “Inner Flame” Citrine Crystal

“INNER FLAME” Message channeled of this AR Frequency downloaded crystal  December 28, 2021   Would you like to give me a message and what is your name? “Yes, my name is INNER FLAME.  I am the Inner Flame for those who would like to connect to the essence of the part of themselves that wants and needs […]

La trouvaille la plus éclairante ….

“La trouvaille la plus éclairante ce passe dans vôtre coeur a tout moment. Nôtre origine dans vôtre nucleus de vie, commencera a s’intégrer sur cette planète avec des êtres élémentaires et humains. Nous gardons une surveillance sur tout être a coeur ouvert. Ne regretter rien. Vous êtes des âmes intégrées a nous, dans vôtre sommeil […]

“Depression is due to loss of power…

What is depression? Talk about it, please! Depression is due to loss of power during trauma. Depression mostly happens to a soul when it has lost the correct alignment and universal guidance. When the ego kicks in and wants to lead, and the doors start to close, one after the other. This beautiful universe is […]

“Be the one ….who

” Be the one…who is ready to connect to Source, within the experience of life on Earth. Use this time on Earth to grasp as much wisdom, experience, and true self-love. Liberation is a result of that. Consciousness is a state of being.  You can all access this state of acceptance, and of love. Impregnate […]


FEARLESS “Fear starts as conditioning from early days; The fire burns, the plugs contain lethal electrical shocks, and the children of Biafra are dying of hunger, so eat everything that is on your plate!   This is an example of how early you start to embrace all the potential harming factors that you will later […]

The Medicine

The Medicine (Channeling my beautiful lady ancestor and helping Spirits)   This is the medicine you need today!   She shows me an orange, and we peel it. The little holes in the skin are very fragrant when the oil comes out! She shows me the slices and peels layers of whitish skins, holding each slice […]

What is the true nature of a human being?

What is the true nature of a human being? “The true nature of a human being is to explore the various experiences that are available in human form. This entails:  Encountering fears, solving problems with the dynamic of creativity, restoring the link to universal laws, and working within those universal laws.  Accepting the challenges as […]

“I am the eclipse of the Sun hiding …

” I am the eclipse of the Sun, hiding behind the Moon. Giving a time of darkness, a time of total stopping of all the elements, before shinning my light back to all who listen with an open heart. This silence, this darkness is necessary in order to advance in lessons. One cannot always be […]

“The burning tree trunk hit by lightning….

“The burning tree trunk hit by lightning has its place in all creation. It will provide a nesting environment for many creatures, in time. So, allow nature to work for all. You are not the sole inhabitants, the center of creation, or the most important, as you tend to decree! You are the servants of […]