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What is FREE WILL?

What is FREE WILL?   “Each minute and second, the desires felt during your days push you forward to create new paths.  That pull, that push, that desire, is the will that takes you places and gives you the physical and mental energy to accomplish every task.  From the smallest to the most difficult task.  […]


BE PART OF THE ETHER…. May all the hearts pumping with life force at this very moment connect as One. May their union include the Universe. May each one feel part of the Ether and of the ALL. Disconnection is what creates dis-union and therefore a feeling of being lost, of not belonging. You are […]


Please give me a message for all, I ask My Power Animal and I travel through the veil to the Upper World. We sit, and our hands, and paws touch. Our third eyes merge together in order for me to receive a transmission.   “There is always much pain in the injustice, darkness, sadness, and […]

What are Harry&Meghan creating at this time?

What are Harry and Meghan creating at this time? “They are a catalyst for the evolution on Planet Earth. Their Soul’s contracts are playing an important part in balancing justice in order for humans to continue their evolution. Friction is a way that can create change in order for growth to happen. They are only […]


“ TRANSMUTATION WILL BE OUR SUBJECT TODAY “ What does transmutation mean?  I ask “Transmutation is a way to go much deeper and expand your capabilities, solve your own life’s mysteries, and access knowledge. Each one has an open vault of endless knowledge that perhaps has not been accessed due to fear of the unknown, worries of […]


“HOW CAN ONE ACCESS FLOW?” I ask “Soul retrieval, nature contemplation, music, dance, sleep, meditation, conscious breath, Earth grounding, silence, and most of all, trust, acceptance, and surrender. Reset the direction of your mainsail for the wind to kick in again, and guide you with no doubts, no confusion, and/or distortions. One must allow. We […]


“ TRANSMUTATION WILL BE OUR SUBJECT TODAY “ What does transmutation mean?  I ask “Transmutation is the transformation of the heart through the discovery of the various layers of the Soul. It is beneficial for each human being to peel these layers and find the core of her own essence. We have noticed that humans […]

The “Inner Flame” Citrine Crystal

“INNER FLAME” Message channeled of this AR Frequency downloaded crystal  December 28, 2021   Would you like to give me a message and what is your name? “Yes, my name is INNER FLAME.  I am the Inner Flame for those who would like to connect to the essence of the part of themselves that wants and needs […]