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“ONLY SPIRIT decides what is the appropriate condition for a cure…

“Only Spirit decides what is the appropriate condition for a cure to be the gift. Healing is not as ultimate as a cure, healing means more work is needed for the soul’s advancement. We want you to understand this variation. Healing alleviates the soul’s pain. A cure removes the pain. Healing is part of the […]

The Lotus

“We can open you like a lotus flower that portraitures much beauty and yet is enclaved in dirt and thick contaminated roots. We can show you how to become the purest manifestation of your own beauty. It just takes trust and conscious moments of allowance for these manifestations to take place. Reach out to the […]

What if I lose my AR crystal?

“Losing a crystal is often an exchange of that frequency needing to work on another person. Allowing nature’s flow, give and take, brings more abundance to your field. Understand that the universe always has your best interest at hand. Love is always the essence of livelihood.” Channeling with the Council of AR

How would I describe my work as an animal communicator?

I would describe it as someone who can, through telepathy see, hear and understand messages that a soul can have. Direct revelation and communication during an altered state of consciousness induced by the repetitive sound of a drum, rattle or deep meditation. This ability is a simple gift to my soul and I do this […]

What is Altus-Reciproximity™ (AR)?

“Altus-Reciproximity™ is bringing to proximity the frequency of higher being’s intelligence, protection and JOY! It creates a field of magnetic resonance, auric field stability and repair of traumatic moments endured in past or future times. As well as building a grounding force for the human vessel that will be exposed to this frequency, and humbled […]

What is the role of humanity on planet earth?

“Evolution, systematic conscious evolution towards human amplitude and connection to the heart. Humans are the only beings that can experience courage, artistic creativity and emotions. Emotion is a quality of humans.  Courage to surpass problems by connecting to creative exploration. Humans are star beings that lead the way to the emotions and heart-felt love. This […]

The possession of a Love a Crystal Quartz

“The possession of a Love a Crystal Quartz is like accepting an element of reconciliation of all your bodies. The ones that lived in your soul many times on this planet earth and the ones that lived in Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and other planets.Only by accepting an attunement of all your parts or segments, […]