BE PART OF THE ETHER…. May all the hearts pumping with life force at this very moment connect as One. May their union include the Universe. May each one feel part of the Ether and of the ALL. Disconnection is what creates dis-union and therefore a feeling of being lost, of not belonging. You are […]


Please give me a message for all, I ask My Power Animal and I travel through the veil to the Upper World. We sit, and our hands, and paws touch. Our third eyes merge together in order for me to receive a transmission.   “There is always much pain in the injustice, darkness, sadness, and […]

What are Harry&Meghan creating at this time?

What are Harry and Meghan creating at this time? “They are a catalyst for the evolution on Planet Earth. Their Soul’s contracts are playing an important part in balancing justice in order for humans to continue their evolution. Friction is a way that can create change in order for growth to happen. They are only […]