Welcome to CCHE – Crystal-Clear Healing Energies for other continents

Welcome to CCHE – Crystal-Clear Healing Energies, where we embrace the transformative power of daily healing activations and The AR Frequency download. This incredible healing frequency is accessible to those open to its profound benefits, allowing you to invite healing into every facet of your being – your Aura, Body, Soul, and Spirit – with just 5 to 15 minutes of connection each day.

As you embark on your CCHE journey, you become part of a dynamic energy circle that gathers strength over time. Supported by The Council of AR, a group of compassionate and advanced Helping Spirits closely associated with Sandra Muller, this process facilitates the healing that is uniquely tailored to your needs. The daily practice is synchronized with a specific hour, depending on your location, ensuring that it becomes a deeply personal journey focused on your growth and well-being.

It’s crucial to recognize that CCHE is fundamentally an act of self-care. During your engagement with this practice, direct your focus inward, concentrating on your personal healing journey. Refrain from attempting to influence others who have not consciously chosen to partake in this energy. By opening your heart to these transformative frequencies, you’re taking a profound step toward achieving clarity, contentment, happiness, joy, protection, strength, prosperity, and overall health.

In situations where an individual is unable to make decisions due to conditions like Coma, Severe Brain Injury, Dementia, Stroke, Degenerative Diseases, Severe Mental Illness, Life Support, or other similar challenges, you have the option to request Sandra to conduct a Shamanic Journey. This unique journey is undertaken to communicate with the person’s Soul and gain their consent before adding them to the CCHE list, ensuring that their well-being is always respected and honored.