“Sandra is a crystal magnetizer, activator and transmitter of spoken messages. She is a vessel for nutritious information for the body and soul. She is an excellent connector of the various mystical realms. Sandra stimulates in you the dormant energies that you have forgotten to utilize. She is a connector, and transfers healing and information for humanity and all living species. We recommend to use Sandra’s connections exclusively for help and healing and activation of the overall structural wellness in body, mind and soul. She is a communicative channel with star beings and has millions of years in training in frequency downloads and activations.”
Channeling with the Council of AR 

“Mi experiencia personal es más profunda, pero en lo físico me ocurrió con la sanación a distancia pedida por mi hermana, pues yo estaba impedida de caminar, permitió que una fractura que normalmente exige un tiempo de meses en sanar, yo estaba caminando después de 10 días, sin ningún dolor,  los doctores no tuvieron que operar, y hasta hoy no se explican la rapidez y recuperación del movimiento en tan poco tiempo, mi agradecimiento por los 15 minutos en que simplemente cerré los ojos y me deje llevar para que la curación sucediera, es de alegría porque no sufrí físicamente y pude recuperarme con muy poco costo económico también, asi que muy agradecida de esta sanación, a veces el agradecimiento no fluye en palabras sino en la sonrisa que este reconocimiento produce siempre en mi.”

P.U. – Villarica, Chile

“A month ago, when I was going through some very intense changes Sandra suggested a long distance healings to help ease the transition.  After our first phone call and in preparation for our session I already felt relief, the start of my letting go of the fear I had been attached to for the longest time.  It brought about clarity that I still carry with me every waking day. That first session made an imprint in my mind, body and soul from which I can always draw.  Sandra is a white light, a guide to one’s highest self.”

C.B. – London, UK

“My name is Antonia. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with “early menopause” which prevented me from getting my menstrual period regularly. In March 2020, I had three healing sessions with Sandra, and after that, my menstrual periods reappeared frequently. For me it is something magical, since I had tried traditional medicine and had no results.”

A.E. – Santiago, Chile

“Sandra is able to bring together higher guidance and deep insight in order to create an environment in which learning and healing can take place. She has a remarkable ability to offer kindness, understanding, support and guidance.”

E.C. – Los Angeles, CA

“I was blown away by Sandras healing work. She approaches the shamanic healing with such a calm professionalism and explains everything in a way that made me feel safe and comfortable and able to fully trust the process. I had great revelations in my session that no other healing modalities have been able to provide me with until now. Her mastery and use of the crystals added so much to the experience. I highly recommend a session with Sandra to anyone who feels like they’ve ‘tried everything’; Sandra has such a lifetime of skill and wisdom in the healing arts that she is certain to blow you away!”

I.G.R. – Los Angles, CA

“Working with Sandra has been one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. In just the first session I felt completely different on every level. The work she does is like nothing I have ever felt, and it has helped bring so much clarity and joy back into my life. Sandra’s knowledge and peaceful presence create a unique environment to heal and grow. She has a gift that I believe anyone would be lucky to receive.”

M.S. Los Angeles, CA

I recently had a long-distance healing with Sandra which was wonderful. I would like to recommend to anyone reading this to simply try, with an open mind, and see what happens. I specifically asked for clarity surrounding several important issues in my life and have been amazed at the results. It’s as if the fog that was surrounding me is receding and I can see much clearer now. Thank you so much Sandra! I am truly grateful!

Lorraine Y., Topanga, July 2021

My magical session.

I was honored to get to meet Sandra and privileged to have a session with her.
Right after we spoke and set up our meeting, I noticed that things started to shift! After our conversation and my consent to have a session, I had a call to start my regular meditation, but instead of 20 min, it was deep 2 hours sleep!
I noticed work being done on my body during this time and I was so grateful to receive it. The next day I started to notice that everything that I was doing became much easier to accomplish!
Instead of me pushing through – I felt a flow and ease!!! I accepted this with gratitude. When I shared with Sandra my experience before the actual session she confirmed that the spirits she is working with are so happy to help that they don’t wait! It was so exciting to hear!
The actual session was profound and beautiful! I am recommending everyone to experience a session with Sandra!
She is such a clear and such a pure channel!
The results I noticed to come days after the session was over, continuing to unfold and shift my reality to the best possible outcome.
I am so happy I had this opportunity to experience this magical session with Sandra Thank you!

A.S.T. Woodland Hills, CA.

“Reveal all possible JOY
in my auric field!”